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How to order NDIS Consumables Online?

You can shop online for NDIS consumables through the For more information on how you can access NDIS consumables online, please see our Access NDIS Consumables page.

Access NDIS Consumables Online

It’s now easier than ever to shop for your NDIS consumables online with the ADACare website now offering online shopping for all NDIS funded customers.

What are NDIS Consumables?

For detailed information on NDIS consumables and what’s included, plus information on core support, capital support and capacity building supports, read our NDIS Consumables guide.

Who can order NDIS Consumables?

Our Agency / Provider and Plan Managed NDIS customers can now order NDIS consumables online via the Adacare shop, once your NDIS account has been set up.
Self-Managed customers are able to shop via the online store without completing this process.

How do I order NDIS Consumables through ADACare SHOP?

For Agency / Provider Managed NDIS customers: If you have completed your ADACare Shop Consumables Supply Service agreement form and included an email address, your NDIS account set-up is complete and you will have received an email to create a password allowing you to shop online.
For Plan Managed NDIS customers: If your Plan Manager has completed a ADACare Biller Authorization form, and you have provided an email address for web ordering, you will have received an email to create a password to shop online.
If you did not provide an email address or are unsure if your account is correctly set-up, please complete the below form and our Customer Service team will respond within 48 hours.
Once your account is set-up you will received an email to create a password.
Once this is done, you will be able to simply login and shop with ease and convenience

Need to Setup Access to your NDIS Funding with ADACare?

If you need to set up an account for NDIS funding, our NDIS funding page will help to guide you through the options, depending on your NDIS Plan.
Once you are ready to shop for your NDIS consumables, head over to the ADACare Shop.

NDIS Consumables Enquiry

    What are NDIS Consumables?

    NDIS consumables are daily items required to help manage personal disability related needs. These items fall into the NDIS core support category, which can include items such as nutritional supplements, or disposable continence items including disposable pads, pants and liners for incontinence.

    What is NDIS Core Support?

    Core Supports are defined as helping you with your everyday activities, your personal needs can be a key aspect of helping you achieve your goals. There are four categories which Core Supports cover, these are: Consumables, Assistance with Daily Life, Assistance with Social and Community Participation and Transport.

    What is included with NDIS Consumables?

    Everyone’s NDIS plan will be different and their requirements for consumables will vary. To support this, NDIS consumables that can be purchased using NDIS funding are split into categories including daily continence supplies, wound care products, nutritional aids, skincare, daily living aids and protective aids.
    Products that fall into these categories can help manage symptoms of incontinence, dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) and walking and mobility difficulties. Products that you might need as part of your core support needs could include disposable pads and pants, catheters, condom drainage equipment, leg bags, and bed and chair protection products.
    To view a range of products that can be included in your NDIS plan, please see our NDIS consumables list brochure.

    Other NDIS Funding Categories:

    What is included with NDIS Consumables?

    Capital support incorporates assistive technology products that are usually high-cost items such as wheelchairs, communication equipment or toilet and bathroom aids. Assistive technology includes mobility aid products, home or vehicle modifications, and other services such as Specialist Disability Accommodation.

    NDIS Capacity Building Supports

    Capacity Building Supports help you build up skills to help you reach your long-term goals. This category can cover support coordination and access to improved living arrangements, employment and education, just to name a few. Adacare offer a number of NDIS services which fall into the capacity building supports category.

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